23 September, 2010

lost & found

ooohhhh, today's feature
is so much fun.

his name is stevie
remember him?
he was a lost & forgotten
treasure. so sad. lonely stevie.

here he is, so lonely & lost 

this is why i named him stevie.

some sweet little boy outgrew him...
and he was thrown out. 
but i showed him love & restored him
back to life.
and now, he loves holding treasures
& supporting your feet or tray full of
warm beverage.

here he is, so very found 


he is very proud 
{or at least i am}
of his patina 
{his exterior finish}

i am so excited about this one.
so much that i had to convince 
myself i don't need him for my own
i would encourage you to check him out
in my etsy store to see more photos
and his interior. he has something
special inside...
you can go here.

how is today already thursday?
my days get away from me...
so many projects & work.
not to mention time with 
wonderful friends & family.


1 comment:

caitlyn st john said...

im obsessed. and i really want him for my house-he would be perfect. tom would probably be jealous of another man.. but you know what tom? i dont care. good work jess- LOVE IT!!! :)