24 September, 2010


sophisticated joanie
is her name.

she is very elegant, polished 
and ahead of her time...
while remaining effortless & sweet.

here she is not quite revealing her


i found her in front of our neighbor's house.
who could get rid of this beauty?
i am constantly having to convince myself
i don't need her...
cannot wait for you to see
the found joanie.

have a lovely weekend.
my plans are to celebrate my sister-in-law's
birthday, eat good food, drink good beverage,
work & enjoy our little home.

see you tuesday!


Hannah Bergman said...

Coffee table or dining table? I cant quite tell from the photos. Let me know. I may be interested in taking her!

jessica nicole said...


She is a coffee table....roughly, her dimensions are: 18 1/2 inches high x 45 inches long x 26 inches wide

Let me know if you are still interested. There is one other girl who had contacted me just before you about possibly getting her but she gotten back to me. Obviously, no pressure. Joanie isn't completed yet anyway but I'll post her in my shop at some point next week :O) let me know if you are looking for a specific color or anything like that.....

Hope you are well!!!! Would love to meet up for coffee sometime. Life just seems to be getting away from me.


Jae said...

I am hoping maybe to find a "distant relative" of joanie's. I am looking for a coffee table with a large wooden wire-spool base and either a glass or wooden top with vintage shipping stencils... I'm looking to pay around $100 for a great find like this! Either found or created, I think you could do a great job =) I can pick it up from LA near Christmas time.
Let me know,
Jennifer Billings

jessica nicole said...

Hey Jen!!
Sorry I am just getting back to you. We were out of town....

Your desired find sounds great! Do you have pictures of different tables that inspired you? I think I have an idea of what you are talking about but want to make sure we're on the same page. And, what would you want the stencils to say? It will most likely be easiest/least expensive to do the wooden top but I'll definitely keep my eyes out for glass...

you can email me at offthestreetart@gmail.com with any photos you have found that inspired your find :O)