28 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

so it has definitely been
way too hot the last
few days to work on
anything in our backyard...

i did get a great new 
poor man's gard[en] find
thanks to a friend 
who was on the lookout for me
{thanks emily!!}

here is miss flourette.
she's french.

i'm going to convert her into
a potting bench for some of our herbs
and plants.

i'm also going to add some succulents to 
the back support of the sofa.
i cannot wait to start working on her. 
just not today, please.

instead i'm going to work on 
 some fun projects for a dear friend's
wedding in a few weeks. 
and i will do this inside the house. thank you.
and i'm going to ship a piece to seattle, washington. 
man, i wish i lived in seattle right now...

and to just remind you of what
autumn weather should normally bring about,
i thought i'd share some fun finds with you...

imagine wearing & playing with these items.
in cool weather. while sipping hot apple
cider or chai tea.
near the fire.
with the rain lightly falling.
and the smell of cinnamon and nutmeg.
i'm getting carried away...

so cheers to a great and not-so-hot tuesday.
at least not as hot as the last 
two days.
if you don't live in southern california
like i do, and you haven't been
paying attention to the news,
los angeles reached an all new 
record of 113 degrees yesterday.
highest temperature ever.
today is only supposed to reach 100. 
how cool & refreshing.


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