30 September, 2010

lost & found

is her name.
and she is gorgeous.

she carries grace & elegance, 
and is ahead of her time... 

here she is, once lost
plain, forgotten and overlooked

and here she is, found

and she does it all effortlessly.
she simply walks into a room and all heads turn.

she is for sale.
you can find her in my etsy shop.
you will probably want to see 
more of her details....
remember, she doesn't even have 
to try hard to be stunning.

on a more personal note,
the sky sprinkled beautiful water
on my face yesterday afternoon.
it was lovely.
and the sky was gold and grey.
so wonderful...

and guess what else is wonderful?
jonathan and i are almost at our
one year anniversary !!!
{october 10th}
i cannot believe it has almost been a whole year.
we are celebrating a week early and heading down
to mexico 
{where he proposed to me}
for the entire weekend. we leave tomorrow. i'm so excited.
the best tacos on the entire planet, mexican coke,
beer, sunsets, ocean, spanish, 
second year of marriage goals & my best friend.
i'll try & take some photos when we're down there.

viva al matrimonio! 
{i think that is marriage in spanish.
i need to learn. put that on my goals for 
our second year of marriage}


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