22 July, 2011

lost&found - a day late

i'm a day late in blogging.
that's what happens when i
get carried away with painting...
thanks for your patience.
it just means you get two blogs
in one day.
it must be a good day...

and, because i have a few custom
orders i am working on,
i haven't had a chance to work on 
chester from last friday's {free}day
for this week's lost&found.

so, in lieu of a chester,
i thought i would share some fabulous finds
for some upcoming weddings i'm stying.
and yes, mr. amazing did it again.
he found them all. 

(i think i have a total of seven globes..i know)

but i found these. i am so proud:

(part of an old hotel mailbox)

aren't they lovely?
i'm super excited to style with them
in the next few months.

have a wonderful friday afternoon.
stay tuned later this evening for 
aren't you lucky?! 
two posts in one day.


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