19 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en}

it's poor man's garden.
at ten o'clock in the evening.
today was a full day.

we had so much fun at
melrose trading post
this past sunday.
met some new friends, sold pieces
to some great new clients
and enjoyed the lovely sunshine.

but i'm exhausted.
on numerous fronts.
so i treated myself to a new outfit today.
it was necessary.

but back to why i am blogging.
here are some photos of this past sunday.

fun, huh?
and we love selling with our friends,
aaron & jen, who own vintage homegrown.
check them out. they are AMAZING.
they make the coolest pieces out of
reclaimed wood -- like tables, and
light fixtures, and jewelry.

i hope you had a relaxing and enjoyable
looking forward to showing you some new pieces
this week
sharing disregard{en}'s new look
in the next few weeks.
lots of changes going on here 
& i'm super excited.

happy tuesday.

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