15 July, 2011


i am so tirrreeeeddddd
 but harry potter, you were so worth it.

proof of our amazing night
(sorry, it's the only group shot.
ps: thanks julie for the photo)

the night consisted of
orange colored hair paint,
spatula & toothpicks for wands,
shallots (for my earrings - i couldn't
find radishes to complete my luna outfit),
a human size marauders map & a fur coat for lucius
to name a few.

i know. we are crazy. but it all ended.
you have to end strong.

and, it was our last night before
carmageddon as well. like i said, end strong.

okay, back to disregard{en}.

just one special piece:


he's going to be great.

hope you have a faaabulous weekend.
disregard{en} will be at melrose
trading post this sunday.
if you are local, take advantage of it.
especially if it helps you avoid
crazy carmageddon.

oh, & if you want some help with
creative solutions to staying
local this weekend in los angeles,
i found this fun & helpful. click here.

happy friday night!!!
see you early next week!


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