07 July, 2011

poor man's gard{en} - belated

disregard{en} sold
at two different markets 
this past weekend.
the sunset junction in silverlake
the wonderful melrose trading post

if you didn't get a chance
to visit at either,
here are some photos
of disregard{en}'s
traveling shops.
it's the traveling 
poor man's gard{en}
get it?!

sunset junction


melrose trading post

both days were extremely hot but 
wonderful. we got to connect with great friends
and made some lovely new ones!

thanks for your patience this week
while i recovered from
quite an exhausting few days.
i think i'm almost 100% myself.
and i don't think i want to do back to back
sales very often. 
one per weekend is enough for me.

love to you again!


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