07 July, 2011


hello hello!
it is already thursday!??!
where did my week go?

it went so quickly i forgot
to post photos on tuesday for poor man's gard{en}
& from this past weekend's
flea markets


i'll make sure to post a few photos
after this post.

this week's
lost & found

dearest darcy

and found

mister gene

and now found

aren't they loverly?!

darcy is still available
but gene was definitely a catch
this past weekend.
he found the perfect home.

i hope you had a wonderful fourth
and a fabulous week so far.

mr. amazing and i are recovering 
from an insane weekend
of selling
and celebrating.
summer is always full of friends
and parties and fun and love.

i'll post some photos from the past
weekend next.


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