27 October, 2011

lost + found

well, this beauty is another favorite.

her name is {elsa} and she looked like this when she was


and now, with a little love and some color, she looks like this


and, lovely {elsa} is going to be at the Green Festival this coming weekend in the Los Angeles Convention Center. the Green Festival, in case you don't know (don't worry, i didn't until recently), is a project for green america and global exchange. they are pretty great. you should check them out here. and, i am honored to be featured in HubLA's booth. if you don't know who they are, you should definitely check them out. they are wonderful. go here

so this weekend in los angeles. lovely {elsa}, some fun trunks, some chalkboards... the normal disregard{en} loveliness. i'll try and take some photos!

hope you have a spectacular weekend!

jessica nicole

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