10 November, 2011

lost+found, and a little bit more...

welp, i didn't fall off the face of the earth.

i had jury duty. and a bit of a a break. well, more like a 'what am i doing & where am i going' break. you know. a break that requires you to refocus and think through some things. yes. that kind.

so, now that i feel a bit more focused and rejuvenated, i have some things to show you...

but first, this week's lost+found

here is {miss abbie}


+ found

i know. i wanted to keep her. but, well, you know the rest. i don't have anymore room. 

and, the other fun news is, i received some wedding photos of the last two weddings i did. they are great.

here is a sneak peek. i'll show you the rest next week...



thanks for being so patient with me these last few weeks. i promise i'll be better at blogging and sharing with you. thanks for all of your love, support & interest along the way!


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