20 January, 2011

a thursday update...

you will have to forgive
me sweet friends.
i did not post tuesday for
'poor man's gard{en}' 
and i do not have a piece
finished for today's 
'lost & found'


but i have definitely
been working hard.

mr. amazing and i 
went to the melrose trading post
last sunday to scope it out
and see if it will be a good
fit for disregard{en}.
i think we found the flea market
i'll be selling at. yay!
definite dates to come.

so remember how in this post
i wrote out a list of
things i needed to do before 
selling at the flea market?!
well, the list just keeps getting
longer. huh. wonder why....ha!

i have about six new pieces i am 
currently working on
tons of merchandise for the home.
so just hold on a little bit longer.
you won't be disappointed.
in fact, you will be rewarded
just remember to leave a little note
on what inspires you!

here is something that has inspired me 
for the day

from the lovely eyeful

hope you have a lovely thursday
my wonderful friends.


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