17 September, 2010


today's [free]day 
is a good one.
and when i say good, i mean it.
my friend anna found the
absolute ugliest chairs i've ever seen
on the side of the road.
she is wanting to redeem these chairs
for her kitchen table.

here they are
{there are a total of three
nasty ones and four decent shape ones}

and, you probably don't think 
it can be done.
but just wait.
i've already got ideas brewing
& the vision for redemption.
this is actually my favorite
kind of project because 
most people would simply 
throw these out.
and we are going to give them a 
second life {or third or fourth}.
we are going to prove their 
chair worthiness.

on a more personal note, 
today is going to be a great day.
no work, grocery shopping, cooking,
gardening, eating, resting & time with my 
amazing husband. i mean, mr. amazing.
i recently purchased this adorable notepad
at anthropologie that helps you plan out
your weekly meals. so, of course, i needed it.
i mean, it helps you plan out meals.
who doesn't need help with that?
jonathan, on the other hand, thinks i am 
only planning out meals because i think 
the notepad is adorable. so what. 
maybe i am. but at least he's going to 
get healthy, delicious & inexpensive meals out of it.

and it's magnetic to put up on your
fridge. honestly. how perfect 
can planning weekly meals get?!

hope you enjoy your friday dear friends.
and your lovely weekend.


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