14 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

this past friday & saturday 
jonathan and i had time to work
on our lovely garden.
of course, mr. amazing 
worked even more and added some
exciting new herbs and vegetables.
and, he was given all of the seeds
from a lovely couple we met via 
craigslist free. 
now you know why i call him mr. amazing?!
here are a few photos of our new additions
to the garden

there are three different
types of peppers, zucchini,
tons of tomatoes, lavender,
& more basil. j planted them.
he's living up to his name.
he even used clothes pins
to label the seeds.
and the metal shelving unit
was trash to our neighbor. 
he was throwing it out so, of course,
we asked if we could take it. you know.
it's called the poor man's gard[en] 
for a reason.
here are a few more photos of
our backyard garden

and, we are on the second phase to our 
front yard!! we've torn out the
ugly juniper bushes 
{remember all six of them?!}
and are now beginning to prepare & cultivate
the soil for planting.

once we finish getting the soil ready 
we can move onto the third phase of our
front yard which is planting!!
and then, the final phase of 
the front yard, painting
the outside of the house. 
baby steps though.

for now, we enjoy the salvia
and other wonderful plants 
potted on our front porch.

i hope you are enjoying your tuesday.
it doesn't feel like tuesday to me
but then again my days 
have seemed off for a while.
when my life gets crazy
so do i...haha.


ps: mr. amazing and i are almost
at our one year anniversary.
any suggestions to what we should do?

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