02 November, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

today's post
features a little addition 
to our kitchen

a handmade wall shelf

we recently celebrated our
anniversary in mexico
{see post here
and found two metal 
shelf brackets that were
handmade by an artisan 
along the coast of baja.

so, of course, mr. amazing
whipped up a shelf to
put some of our cookbooks
on, hide the nasty old-fashioned
telephone hook-up & give us more counter space
to use when cooking and baking.

see our empty wall
{on the left, & before the grey paint}
 before mr. amazing's work:

and now with our wonderful shelf:

thank you jonathan.
it makes cooking & baking
so much easier with the extra space.
and it hides the ugly phone jack.
and we spent $10 total. huh. perfect.

if you want to see more of our
kitchen {from previous posts}
you can go here.

have a wonderful warm november day.
november?!?!! oh my.
where is our year going?
i cannot wait for thanksgiving.
some yummy recipes to come.
do you have any favorite 
holiday recipes?? 
i would love to hear.



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