28 October, 2010

lost & found

lost & found
a set of chairs i redeemed
for a dear friend.

remember what they looked like, lost?

well, with new stuffing, fabric & paint
{and a bit of sanding & scrubbing}
 they are beauties.

and very found.

these are the three different styles
she has incorporated around her dining table.
7 chairs total. 
3 of them found on the side of the road.
in disgusting shape.
the other four weren't too bad. 
just needing some life. 
and these beauties are now catered to the style
my sweet friend wanted. 
a patina of a rustic off-white 
with gold showing through.
and the fun green paisley 
fabric combined with burlap.

now onto the next project. 

i hope you enjoy your lovely & 
crisp thursday  
dear friends. 
i am. 
i get to spend time with my
dearest friend caitlyn, 
who moved out to england  
once she and her husband married.
they are not visiting too long but 
i get to see her & hug her. 


1 comment:

caitlyn st john said...

the chairs looked amazing :)

and it was EVEN MORE AMAZING to get to spend time with you, beautiful friend!!! :)