26 October, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

our garden has loved loved loved the rain.
unfortunately, the rain has made it quite impossible
to work much on our garden.

excuses excuses

but, mr. amazing did get a chance to 
transfer his seedlings 
{that are fully sprouted}
into pots. and clean up our lawn a bit.

here are some photos of our
our very slow progress.

jonathan's amazing work.

i mean, seriously?! these were all seeds!
jonathan is truly cultivating
a mini vegetable garden. and it is so much fun
to watch the progress.

seeing the growth of these baby seedlings
makes gardening worth it. 
we have a ridiculous amount of crabgrass
growing in our front yard and neither of us
are at all excited with the fact that one day,
in order to truly get rid of it, we have to 
shovel & dig it out. entirely. 
here is a photo of our hated crab grass.

it may not look like an annoyance
but it is. it takes over the grass.
so that is our next major feat. 
and it will happen. 
our goal is the end of november.
i think we can do it.

and in order to overcome our crab grass
plague, we'll just have to
remind ourselves why we have a garden.
by eating & cooking with our fresh herbs.

speaking of which, we have been making
freshly homemade pesto with our fresh basil
{well, mostly mr. amazing}
 sage to sautee with, and 
our oregano and rosemary to season with.
divine. i love walking out onto this
moss covered brick path

to gather our fresh herbs.
it is so enchanting.

so although we don't have any exciting
transformations in our garden,
we are simply enjoying the beauty of having one.
even if it is always in process and a bit of work.
the joys of life. 

hope you are enjoying your gloriously crisp 
october evening, wherever you are.

love love love


oh, and just to get a glimpse of the joys in having a garden 
{and why you should start your own if you haven't already}
this past sunday
we made cheese fondue, butternut squash risotto, 
grilled rib eye with roquefort butter, 
fresh vegetables & almond macaroons.
from scratch.
using fresh herbs. 
it was divine.
i have convinced you it is worth it, haven't i?!

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