05 October, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

i love mornings that follow rain.
and i love that it finally feels
like autumn.
dear weather, please stay that way.

our little garden survived
the triple digit heat.
and is, of course, loving this weather.
we did not work on our garden
this past weekend 
{since we were in
mexico celebrating our anniversary!}
but the amazing thing about gardens
is you can leave them for a few days
{obviously with someone watering while 
you are gone...}
and they do just fine.
our little garden is going to town.

i thought i'd share some photos 
of our garden with you.
please take note that mr. amazing
has done a majority of the planting
of our new seedlings.
because, well, he is amazing.
thank you jonathan.

if you haven't seen the photos
of our garden when we first planted,
you can go here and here.
it is so fun to see the transformation
and growth.

and here is where our garden is now.
she is beautiful.
our basil is going crazy.
we had to transplant the tiny seedlings
into bigger pots. and a lot of them.
 chives & mint

 our dill. 
this is our very
first plant we started from
our own seeds. meaning, our old dill
gave off seeds & we took those seeds
and planted them. 
{& by we, i mean jonathan}

our thyme. it started as seeds buried
beneath the soil. i'm so proud.

and the seedlings jonathan recently planted.
look at them sprouting!
we'll have peppers & tomatoes in no time!!

and jonathan researched natural sweeteners
and purchased this stevia.
it is actually sweet. honestly.
i might not use it for baking 
but putting in smoothies would be refreshing...

amidst the amazing growth in our little
garden, we have come across two
pests: mold & caterpillars.
the mold loves our zinnia, the caterpillars 
love our basil & mint 
{surprisingly not our tomatoes}
so we have had to cut back our zinnia to 
prevent the spreading of mold & captured
caterpillars to prevent them from eating our plants.
but don't worry. the caterpillars are being
loved by the cutest red headed children we know, who, 
are really hoping to have butterflies soon.
what was once a pest, is now a pet.

i hope you all enjoyed your weekend.
jonathan and i had the most romantic weekend.
it felt like our honeymoon.
only a year later.
mexico was stunning, the ocean breeze was refreshing,
the food was satisfying and our time to recap
our whole first year of marriage & set goals for
the next year was so good.
here are a few photos of our view.

i know.

have an amazing tuesday sweet friends.
it is supposed to rain this afternoon.
hopefully it will.
this weather is perfect.


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