13 July, 2010

the poor man's gard[en]

this past weekend, 
my husband and i (but mostly my husband) 
worked on the third phase of 
the poor man's gard[en].

he did a great job. i simply replanted some herbs & flowers. 
and repositioned the pots.
he dug up the grass on the side of our garage, 
cut & placed wooden planks to create a planter box & prepared the soil.
isn't he amazing?! i love him. and i love our garden.

i want to show you a simple before picture so you can
see the progress.

about $5 was spent on some of the climbing plants...
we found them in the discount section of our
local hardware store.

we are gradually moving along in our gardening.
i repositioned the herbs because they
were getting too much afternoon sun.
oh, and we received two tomato plants from a dear 
friend. his dad started the plants from seed & 
then shared them with us. 

last month, for my birthday, my sweet friends
bought me 'the herb book' and i love it. 

it tells you about various types of herbs, 
where to plant them, how to plant them,
how to care for them, 
and all of their uses such as cooking, 
aromatherapy, essential oils & rubs, 
skin care, & health care.

it is seriously the best book to have if you are 
wanting to or growing your own herbs. 
you can purchase the complete
 book by jennie harding here.

the next few phases of the poor man's gard[en]
will hopefully include cleaning up the side of the house, 
setting up a compost area, putting up fences to hide
the hideous trash cans, 
building my craft/gardening shed (yes, it is going to happen)
& working on the front yard. i cannot wait.
hopefully august weather won't be too bad...
but if it is, i will cry out 
for fall to arrive sooner.

i hope you are enjoying your week. 
i have some exciting posts coming up. stay tuned.



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jessica nicole said...

thank you elizabeth :O) would love to have you and your beautiful family over to sip tea in our garden when you return.