09 July, 2010


today is [free]day.
i say this every time but it is because i really mean it. 
these are my favorite days.
today's piece was not exactly free but uber cheap (you'll see why). 
and, my wonderful husband actually found it.

here it is. she is. her name is nelle.

if you are a reader, or if you went to high school, 
you would know this piece is named after nelle harper lee. 
please say you know that name.
in case you don't know that name, 
or in case you are an avid reader and appreciate art and beauty,
you should know 
 the 50th anniversary of the first publishing
 of to kill a mockingbird is july 11th (this sunday).

lee's novel changed the world. and this country. 
and definitely challenged mind's of the south. 
i love how lee saw life. 
i love the simplicity in which she communicated.

to kill a mockingbird is said to be the second book, next to the bible, 
that has and continues to make a difference
(according to the library of congress).

so, in honor of nelle harper lee's astounding piece of art 
and to making a difference
i am naming this [free]day 

tonight jonathan and i are going to continue re-reading the 
novel together, out loud. 
and, please, if you have not read it, 
get yourself a copy
it will change your life. 
oh, and if you didn't like it 
when you read it in high school, give it a second chance. 
your mind has grown tremendously. i assure you. 

enjoy your weekend of life & reading.



Victor Hugo Aldana said...

That's my favorite book ever!

jessica nicole said...

seriously, hugo. did you have beidelman when you read it :O) reading it brings me back to wonderful high school days.