08 July, 2010

lost & found

this week's lost & found 
features my very own 

my husband and i moved in almost 9 months ago (time flies!) and 
have gradually been improving the interior of the home. of course, since
we don't own the home, we're limited to what we can do and how much we can invest into improving it. but, we find ways. believe me. 

here is a photo of our very lost kitchen

and here is our kitchen, now found

we spent roughly $60 improving the small things. 
grey paint for the walls (a gallon of grey was $5 in the sale area of the paint section at our local hardware store), chicken wire for the white cabinets, and knobs for the main cabinets. the floor is obviously not completed, but we found free italian tile on craigslist. once i can get my father-in-law over here we'll lay the tile. in total, i would not expect us to spend more than $100 on improvements.

 my husband built the white wooden cabinets 
(from scraps that was once a wooden fence) 
and fastened the chicken wire. on his own. 
he is amazing & he doesn't charge me for his labor. perfect.

here are some more photos of our lovely kitchen. i am very proud. 
(& look for the chalkboard i painted onto the wall. it's my favorite part)


do you have any home improvements that you have been working on? 
i would love to hear.

i hope you are enjoying your thursday. 
the weekend is almost here!



Jules said...

hey where did you find all the jars???? ps the kitchen looks amazin!! you guys are great and i love reading about all your finds and projects

jessica nicole said...

julie, my husband (jonathan) is a frequent thrift store shopper & finds EVERYTHING we own (literally. except for my clothes & his underwear :O) ) at thrift stores. there have only been a few splurges we've made....

you just have to keep your eyes out for jars like this, stop by frequently, & patiently sift through their stuff.... i'm learning it is an art. i'm not nearly as good at it as jonathan is.

congratulations on your marriage! being married is so wonderful, isn't it?? :O)