15 July, 2010


today's lost&found is 
featuring the completed 

to remind you, she was an outdated 
red with cheap gold knobs. and adorned with stickers. 

but now, she is classy & simple.

she is an aqua color with adorable 
anthropologie mother-of-pearl knobs.
her drawers are a simple grey & ready to hold your treasures.

you can purchase her or other items like 
her through my etsy store.

i love transformation.


Jenn said...

LOVE it! Fantastic work! I wish I had the time and skill to do something like this. I also love your heart. So like your Father's. :)

jessica nicole said...

thank you, jenn. it is always so encouraging to hear from friends. i have really enjoyed this journey thus far. ps: i'd love to see some of your drawings!

dining room said...

I love what you're doing. One of my favorite hobbies as well!! If you come across a king Louie type chair or a super ornate vintage chair please let me know. I'm looking for one for a client to re-finish.

jessica nicole said...

dining room, thank you :O) and, i tried to look at your profile to read your blog but for some reason am not able to. is there a way to see some of your creativity?
blessings on your creations!!