24 August, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

today's poor man's gard[en]
features our third phase: the front yard
a few weeks ago, jonathan cut down
two of the six juniper bushes

look at two the two stumps.
and the nasty remaining junipers.
and another photo 

and now, we are juniper free.  

thank you jonathan. you are seriously 
the best.

it may seem bare & ugly right now.
but imagine colorful flowers & greenery.
i am so excited.
the next major removal 
{post this triple digit weather, of course} is all  
the nasty crab grass. that crab grass is seriously
of the devil. it grows everywhere & is so stubborn.
boo you crab grass. 

and for now, to reassure myself of our 
gardening skills & the potential beauty
i want to share with you some photos
of our side & backyard. remember stage 1 & 2
consisted of making planter boxes, planting flowers 
and herbs from seed, etc etc? if you don't, you can
go here or a few photos to remind you

photo of the side.

and now...

yes, that basil started as little seedlings...

more basil. it is a forest of basil. 
thanks to my excited husband.

and this alyssum started as baby seedlings.
now, they are taking over our side.

these are my favorites. 
the zinnia started as teeny tiny seeds
and now they are ginormous. seriously huge.

and you cannot see clearly, but this planter
box was built, from discarded white wooden shutters.
jonathan went away at them & built us four
he is a creative genius. 
and those hydrangeas were found in the clearance
at our local hardware.

one of the best things about gardening
is starting something as a seed and
watching it come to life. so beautiful.

and, because i promised a photo
a while ago...
the free fountain that jonathan found.
yes free. but heaaaavvvvy. 
and so cool.
it creates such a fun space 
in our sophisticated courtyard.

so, now i am reminded that the front yard
will one day resemble the beauty of our
backyard. i cannot wait. 
go away super hot weather.

i hope you are staying cool, my friends.
don't wilt out there...


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