26 August, 2010

lost & found


is her name
and she makes me want
to sit in a far off exotic land
eating amazing food, drinking
some glorious beverage &
reading a romantic story. 
all while enjoying her stunningly 
rich presence.

here she is. so out of place & lost.

and this is her found.

now do you see why she makes
me imagine myself off in some faraway land?
if you want to see more photos of her 
{& i recommend it} or if you want to 
purchase her, you can visit my etsy
shop here 

now on to the adventures of my thursday.
au revoir 



jules said...

Hey Jessica!
I just found your blog and LOVE it!! So inspiring!! So glad that you and Jonathan are so happy!! What a sweet blessing from the Lord! :)
~julie martin :)

jessica nicole said...

julie, i am so glad you are enjoying my bloh :O) i've perused yours and am quite impressed with your diy headboard creation! oh, and i love your family :O) tooooooo cute.