08 October, 2010


today's [free]day
is going to be a fun
project. well, actually, projects.

i am adding two pieces
to my 'merchandise'
aka small & simply decorative 

here they are.
{& her cousin}

trudy is the ladder.
jay is going to be made 
up of the two small pieces on the ground.

they will both become shelves
of some sort. 
you ask 'how?'
i shall show you.
fairly simple & easy for anyone 
to do. 
with the right materials.
you don't even have
to be familiar with big tools
to do this job.

and, please forgive me dear friends.
this week has been surprisingly crazy
for me & i did not get around to 
my 'lost & found' feature 
{in case you had noticed}
i am going to have to ask for grace
in this next week as i am 
helping a sweet friend 
with decor & flowers for her wedding 
next weekend.

so you will be hearing less from
me in this next week but i promise
i will return with some fun projects 
and new ideas.

and to make up for my lack of blogging
yesterday, i will share some wedding photos
of me & mr. amazing. 
since our one year anniversary 
is this sunday,
october 10th, 2010. 
and because we already spent 
last weekend in mexico celebrating
we are just going to enjoy the day locally.
flea market, relaxing 
and then going to ruth's chris 
in pasadena for dinner.
{thank you phil & debbi!!!} 

here are some great photos, courtesy of

the absolute best day of my life.
i love you jonathan david.
i am amazed when i think
of how beautiful our lives are, together.
such a gift.
though marriage & life following
our wedding has not been easy 
by any means, it has been so rewarding
and satisfying in the best ways.
happy almost one year anniversary to us!!!

and i'll be posting a wedding album 
on my facebook page
sometime in the next day or so.
you can see more of our 
wedding photos there.

have a great weekend dear friends.
i will see you scattered throughout next week.
and be back the following!!


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