21 October, 2010

a quick post....

because i miss you all.
and because i wanted to at least give
you an update and explain why i haven't
been around for almost two weeks. sad.

the wedding last weekend
was absolutely stunning.
the bride was beyond gorgeous,
decor, flowers, atmosphere, friendship,
weather, food, & music were perfect.
it was great great great.
and mr. amazing and i 
even got to head into 
san francisco on sunday.
can you say fun?
we stayed with our sweet friend, kyle
{thank you kyle} & explored the northeast
part of the city. eating great food along the way.
and it rained. sigh.

i have had quite a few inquiries about pieces
and am trying to keep up with those
as well as working the first few days 
back from northern california.
yesterday was my first day off 
{meaning i had nothing scheduled} 
in over a week...
and it was wonderful. 
and i work today. 
but tomorrow is dedicated to painting
and blogging. 
and i'm excited to work on some new
pieces this weekend.

phew. all that to say. i miss you all.
and i cannot wait be 100% back.
and back with some exciting things.

here are some photos of the last week.
i will make sure i post actual wedding photos
when they are finished...

 these first three photos are of julie's
bachelorette party. natalie {the beauty pictured}
hosted the party and did a phenomenal job. 

my favorite flower we used for the wedding.
this was taken while we were arranging them...

 san fran. 
only photo i took all day.
the rain. that's my excuse.
{it was actually the fact that i was eating
more than half the day.}

i hope you are enjoying your week.
love love love


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Katy said...

You should go look at the pics from My San Fran trip on my facebook, I have this exact pic almost. We stayed at the hostel right behind you. This was the view from our window!