09 November, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

today's post
features our 
guest bedroom.

when we first moved in
it was our 'african' themed guest room 
but we have recently acquired
some stunning furniture pieces 
and have been inspired to 
change the room a bit.
and, it's much more fun to 
change things every once-in-a-while.
it makes life exciting.
and satisfies the artist in both
of us...

so here is a before photo
i wish i had taken one of the 
finished african room. sorry.
you'll just have to see it in 
the in-between stage.

it was a room full of mainly reds, 
blues & some fun bold african
it was a bright & colorful room.
quite fun.
but, because we both tend to get tired
of seeing the same thing all the time,
and because
jonathan is really good at finding great items
{& i am growing...}
we can redo things inexpensively. 
so that's what we are doing.
pretty much throughout every aspect of our lives.
doing things inexpensively.
minus toilet paper. 
we don't skimp out when it comes to toilet paper.

we'll gradually be working on the guest room
these next few weeks and i will keep you posted
when it is completed. i am super excited.

and, because i love decorating and love
autumn, i thought i would share 
one of my recent 'tablescapes'
with you.

  enjoy the rest of your tuesday friends.
jonathan and i are going on a date tonight.


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