16 November, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

this past saturday
mr. amazing 
 lived up to his name.

while i was at work,
he found the most wonderfully 
forgotten dresser. 
we think it was made in the 
late 1800s to early 1900s.
the handles are iodized, 
the wood finish is chipping & worn,
the craftsmanship is unique 
and each drawer has a keyhole.
and, we ended up selling our old
dresser {& some rugs} which paid
for our new dresser. almost in full.

i LOVE it. it fits everything.
even my trillion pairs of jeans.
what dresser does that?
oh, yes. the 100 year old dressers
{even though they hardly wore jeans back then} 

we know the dresser was handmade
and seems like it was custom built.
there is no stamp or label on it, and each drawer 
fits perfectly into
the drawer frame.
 we think this means some individual built it
for someone special. 
maybe a lover for his bride.
that is what i will believe.

and though the piece is absolutely not for sale,
i think i would like to name it.
 after much debate, mr. amazing and i 
have decided we shall name him 
{even though i would prefer it to be a her}

because he is by far our favorite piece 
of furniture we own.
thus far.

so though this is not necessarily 
an improvement to the structure & interior
of our home or our garden, he wonderfully
enhances our poor man's gard{en}:interior, 
into a rich & lovely landscape.

here is what clarence looked like 
the night we bought him.

and this is what he looks like now.

he just needed some cleaning.
he fits perfectly in our home.

i hope you are having a wonderful tuesday.
my day has been rather full. 
but i am looking forward to chili for dinner
and some much needed time with jonathan.


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