18 November, 2010

lost & found

one of my sweet friends recently got married
and wanted to redeem
a dining table & some chairs 
for their little home.
{they were practically free for julie. 
a woman after my own heart}
so we got a chance to work on them
yesterday. my first full day of
painting in quite a while.

here they were, somewhat lost & not as put together

and here they are found
beautifully & wonderfully new.

it is amazing what some sanding, painting
and staining will do.
{julie, look at you & your painting skills!
and don't worry, the shiny-ness of the chairs
is the dew from the morning. not the patina.}

amongst painting these,
we found some time to 
make a dresser & bookcase like new, too.
cannot wait to show you the pieces 
in their new home.
i love you julie.
and i'm excited to eat at your 
new table!

i hope you all have a spectacular thursday.


ps: ummm, harry potter tonight?!!!!!!


Heather Fink said...

I heart you, and this.

Kelly said...

Hi Jessica,

It's Kelly, Micaela's Mom. I have been really enjoying your creations! We are kindred spirits when it comes to this. I'm always learning something new. I'm currently working doing silversmith work, having fun with the torch. I wish I had the garage/yard to work on some projects!

Anywho...just wanted to tell you how much I LOVED the mix of wood, grey and black in these refurbed pieces. I have to do something like this. I love how some of the wood gets to shine through. Great stuff!


jessica nicole said...

I heart YOU, Heather.

Kelly, thank you so much. I am SO glad you enjoy them :O) I would LOVE to learn how to do some silversmith work and use a torch. What a fun mom you are :O) We should collaborate sometime! PS: thanks for loving on my beautiful sister.