19 November, 2010


really, these days are my favorite.
i do enjoy seeing the transformation of a piece,
but there is something special about 
finding the piece. 
it is such an adventure.
and surprise.
you never know what you will find 
or where you'll find it.

i thought, since there are just
too many projects to even begin
to introduce more of my found pieces
{especially with the holidays coming up 
& the craziness of making gifts & baking &
spending time with families & working...
oh, dear. i am tired just thinking about it}
i will just remind you of the 
[free]day pieces featured 
within the last few months.
some of them are in the transformation
process. others i haven't had a chance
to love on yet.
but don't you worry.
they are absolutely, positively not forgotten.
and, maybe this will give me a chance
to actually catch up...

here they are. in all of their wonder
and 'lost'-ness.


edie & vivian {viv for short}




jay & trudy


miss adelaide

phew. you may wonder where i keep
all of these pieces.
great question. it's not pretty...
just ask my husband.
but, remember one day i shall
have a grand shed full of 
all of my crafts, tools, paints & pieces.
and it will be marvelous.
and i will spend my days
creating and being inspired.
the end.

until then, 
i have projects projects projects
work work work 
and food food food.
i think the latter is the best.
hope you enjoy your weekend
dear friends.
i have some time to be creative
and i am very much looking forward to it.


ummm, ps: harry potter?!?!?!? 
go see it. 'twas grand.

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