07 December, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

well, if you ever read
my blog, even the 'every-once-in-a-while' read, 
you have probably noticed my extreme
lack of blogging.

it has been a crazy month.
actually, make that a crazy few months.
now that i'm working a 'real' job 
it has made it really difficult to actually
find time for the things i enjoy doing...
but no excuses. i am going to be much more disciplined.
even if i am working a full forty hour 
work week this week. eek! {i rhymed}
although, i might ask for some grace every now and then.
and, there are going to be some exciting changes
with disregard{en} within the next few weeks
 so stay tuned!

but to recap you on the last few weeks, 
i enjoyed the most delicious thanksgiving meal
with beautiful family 
{all with williams-sonoma or family recipes}, worked mucho, 
got sick, watched & became addicted 
to 'friday night lights', 
worked on some fun pieces for friends, 
cooked, baked, got a little 
discouraged & overwhelmed with life
{you know. a few of those days. but i 
have a better perspective now}, and got our christmas tree!
so not that this recap 
makes up for the lost time, 
but i hope it helps a little...

and, i know this will help.
our first stage to decorating for christmas.
i plan on finishing 
{with the help of mr. amazing, of course}
this upcoming weekend.

here are some photos to show you 
what we have been doing
in the poor man's gard{en}: indoors.

our tree!!!
it smells gloriously amazing.

{yes, mr. amazing has already
purchased & wrapped some gifts. he 
continues to live up to his name}

and, my advent calendar!
{i made this with my dear
friend julie. ours are perfectly unique
with a hint of the same materials. you 
should see hers. 
it is gorgeously detailed...}

our manger scene. 
all you need
is jesus and a sheep.

and, a few things completed during stage one

free wood cuttings
{i got them when we got our tree. 
they are perfect. i cannot 
wait to decorate with all of them}

and, last but not least
{better not be since it
is taking forever}
my styrofoam christmas
trees. still in process, of course.

i love christmas. 

i work a ridiculous amount of hours this week,
but i am hoping to have a 
'lost & found' and a 'free{day}'
this week.  
see you then sweet friends!


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