06 May, 2010

end of the garden's [phase 1]...

the end of [phase 1] in 
cultivating disregard[en]'s garden.

it is not complete, but on it's way.

remember, everything, was under $70. 
This includes the table & chairs, soil, pots, 
yes all of the pots, flowers, seeds, plants, 
bench, windows (yes, again, all), wood crates, ladder, 
upcycled wood fence, wheelbarrow & 
my favorite water can, ever.

i am excited to begin the next phase. i'll keep you posted.
here are the after photos...

we already have ideas for the next [phase].
adding upcycled wood fence to create a flower bed,
planting our jasmine flowers 
alongside the back wall [i want them to grow up the wall],
planting some more flowers, & bringing in more color....

[not pictured are our pots with our newly planted herbs...
they are just seeds but, once sprouted, will provide
us our homegrown basil, oregano, dill & rosemary. glory].

and don't think i haven't reminded my husband
a million times about my dreamy, creative shed. 
inspiration posted here.
it WILL happen. one day.

we've already enjoyed a few mornings & evenings out 
in our new garden. it is lovely.

i loooove springtime. vitamin d here i come.
please enjoy the outdoors this evening. 
it is good for your soul. i promise.
remember how i was at the beginning of the week? 
[if not, take a look/read here]
outdoors work wonders. 


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Alex Waidley said...

Looking forward to phase 2