06 May, 2010

hell[o] forgotten & overlooked garden...

i am here to the rescue 
(with help from the husband, of course)

poor poor backyard, you have not been cultivated yet...

look at that horrible fence...

here are some other views

[phase 1] in cultivating disregard[en]'s garden
there might possibly be over a handful of phases
please be patient. 
redemption is a process...
but know, i have some amazing help

this backyard will be beautiful.

and, please note that, as we like to upcycle goods & resources,
for environmental, financial & well, because-it-is-more-enjoyable reasons, 
we did not spend over $70 in our first phase.

the photos to come will show you all of the amazing finds 
we came across...

stay tuned. i will post later this evening.


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