01 June, 2010

garden inspiration

after about a month-long hiatus,
i have returned to the blogworld...

don't think i wasn't inspired during these last few weeks,
or that i wasn't creative. there were moments.
i've had some time to dream, think & be encouraged.

june is going to be full of new ideas & creations.
i am determined & motivated.

though i could not garden today, i am posting some 
items that inspire me to till soil, plant, paint & decorate.


these could be full of some cute little flowers
used as a centerpiece for an outdoor garden party 

and, once i have that outdoor garden party, i thought it might 
be nice to dress accordingly

via the lovely anthro

or this

via the lovely anthro

and, either blouse, with these

via anthro

and, this necklace handmade by 
my lovely and talented friend, lindsay coleman

check out her etsy shop

i know. doesn't this outfit make you want to 
throw a garden party every single day? 
or at least sit outside, 
while drinking iced tea & reading a good book?

you could sit at my table with the floral centerpiece,
[both listed above]
wearing the listed outfit, & on these chairs

summer tea anyone?

so, aside from my future garden party wearing 
my dream garden party outfit,
i might also be productive....

i've recently [with the strong help of my husband] 
started phase 2 of cultivating disregard[en]'s garden.

i will show you a before photo to create some anticipation,
and, prove to you why there is even a need for cultivation....

i know. you need to see it in person. it is even worse.
the wood blocks that create the 'flower box' area are rotten, 
the grass & weeds closest to the wall should be soil, 
and that wall of cinder blocks should be covered with jasmine.

it actually looks a bit better, now. 
after a few hours of using that axe & some shovels.
i will post some photos once we get flowers in the flowerbed...

i am reminded of my future garden party & motivated to work hard.

and, just to be even more encouraged to use my muscles 
& till the soil

shoes to complete my outfit

ahh, 'tis life. in my garden.
 [then i sip my iced tea]

more to come:
- phase two photos
- some furniture i have been working on
- future ideas
- my new website!
- photos of recent events i attended & decorated


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