22 April, 2010


sunshine. birds. a light breeze. 
i love spring.
& i love spring even more now that i have 
a backyard to plant flowers & herbs!!

one (of my many) idea & project i have
is to build (of course with the help
of my husband and father-in-law) a craft shed.
and, it can also be my garden shed....

i want it to look something like this

& a little like this

okay, but in all honesty, the photo above is what
inspired me to dream and design my own garden shed/craft shed.
isn't it dreamy? i mean, really, wouldn't it be amazing
to sit outside on a sunny (or overcast) afternoon
and just sew/glue/cut/blog away?! 
with some tea/coffee/chai.
and, as i said in this post, i found
free wood to help build my dream shed.
now i just need the time & help....
and just because it is absolutely amazing.

& in our garden, i want to plant gorgeous flowers 
& herbs & vegetables...
and use these to label them... yes?!

via monkeysalwayslook

& buckets like these (we have a few to start with...)

via myadobecottage

by the end of summer, i am determined 
to have a glorious backyard...
photos to follow, once the beautifying begins.



Josh & Alex Waidley said...

I can't wait to have a Garden! Although I think mine might be in indoor urban garden, but still! I love the first shed

Amenaghawon Ogiamien said...

This is awesome Mrs. Taylor. Keep it up and I hope you are well.
xo a.o.