11 April, 2010

art & craft

went to the pasadena flea market today.
i fell in love.
over & over again.
(my husband says i'm dramatic)

 we ate some fruit for breakfast

 love them.

 we found some fun books to use as decor

 i wish i could have purchased these
the problem with some of the vendors,
is that they know they have amazing things
so they charge too much for me...

 but i love how some of the vendors truly 
know how to make a presentation of 
their craft & art.

 my husband, jonathan & i fell in love
with these cobra bicycles-- they fold. 
they are awesome.
we want to ride bicycles down the 
pathway near our little home, on sunny days. 
one day. when we can afford amazing bicycles 
(after we fix our blown out tires...)

 these my friends, were a dollar each
i love the dollar tables. 

i found some fun things for my little business
photos to come 
(you know, i have to tell you about the 
business before i show you photos...)
& my husband found free upholstery, & 
unwanted hardwood floors a man was getting rid of 
on craigslist free. i'm telling you
craigslist free is my new favorite place to shop.
we are going to build a fun craft/art shed out of it! yes!

oh, and i found a desk for $3.00 
on our way to the flea market. 
projects projects projects.

here is a photo of the person i fell in love with the most today. 

 he helped me all day with my crazy ideas.
he is amazing and he is my husband.
i am one blessed lady.

now a night of rest and warmth so i 
can prepare for a week of creativity, upcycling & love.


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