19 April, 2010

kitchen inspiration...

i am so wanting to facelift 
our dining room
and kitchen. unfortunately, we don't 
own the house so i can't make permanent changes 
but i can add some color & shelves....
 and, i can dream and be inspired, right?  

here are some inspirations i've come across... 

so i know we can add some chicken wire to this 
horrible pantry-type shelf in our kitchen. and,
because of my amazing husband, we already have jars in
our pantry. all i need to do is add more shelves & 
a splash of color. and, get this:
last week i received, for free, italian floor tiles
for our kitchen -- that fit just right. no joke. free.
i love craigslist free. 
i cannot wait to start working on the kitchen.
i'll post some before photos...&, of course, some after photos.

remember how jonathan and i went to the pasadena
flea market last week? well, i found an 
amazingly glorious and adorable chest of drawers
that we are going to make into a hutch for our dining room.
cannot WAIT to show you. 

and some other projects this week. it's endless: some chairs, 
a table & the hutch for our dining room. oh, & of course
photos of recent projects (including a living room
i worked on last week) & my website!!!! 

i love how creating is picking up! 
if only there was more time in the day... 



cbe said...

How did I not know about this beautiful blog? I read some of your posts and it made me MISS YOU! I love you two so much. Thanks for your wonderful hospitality when we were in town. We can't wait for the next time...

Love, love, love,


Jonathan David said...

I love your blog.

Stephanie Dunn said...

Jess, I actually know the girl whose kitchen is the last photo in your "inspired kitchen" photos. Small world!