07 September, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

do i have some inspiration & fun for you 
guys today!!!!

first of all. i love this weather. 
capital l.o.v.e.

i cannot wait until fall. 

jonathan and i did not have any
time to work on our garden this past week 
{aside from jonathan pruning our herbs & plants}
so there is not much to show...


we are looking forward to improvements,
beauty & life in our poor man's gard[en].
here are some photos that have inspired us.

these two photos continue to make me swoon
over overgrown gardens. i just love them. 
i cannot wait until i have to creep through my
overgrown garden. to get lost in it. to play in it.
to dream in it. sigh.

and this harvested squash reminds me
that i will be harvesting summer squash soon.
and, i cannot wait. we have to plant the
squash first. but that's easy. right?! 
{minus the whole cultivating & preparing the soil part}

and this hose makes me actually like garden hoses.
ours is an eye sore. why do they have to be so ugly?
and awkward. i prefer to fill up a cool, old
watering can to water. even if it takes longer.

and these two photos i've come across
so many times now, i thought i'd share them with you.
aren't they both so inspiring for enjoying the outdoors?
i don't even know what i would do with a tree framed bed
in my backyard. take naps all day. it just looks
so inviting, doesn't it?


and these two photos are inspiring for 
apartment or small home living. you can 
have a garden. even if you don't have space.
you can make space. promise.
and i came across an article about things
you can grow in containers. 
you can even grow fruit trees. 66 things. 
just check it out here. you won't be disappointed.
and, if you plant something out of inspiration 
from this, show me. i'd love to see it.
we are getting some gardening
ideas from this website, too.

jonathan and i are going to pick up some
free finds today. free finds for our garden.
we have some fun ideas to use the finds
for planting & growing. 
i came across this photo & idea this morning.
and was inspired.
couldn't wait to show you.
isn't it so fun?! 
i wish i came up with the idea myself.
it did get me thinking about some
quirky upcycles & ideas though.
you can make planters out of almost

view the video on how to make this here
and, here is proof again of using almost anything 
for a planter. and the joy of redemption.

a garden in a pothole. 
perfect for los angeles roads.
might not last that long, but definitely beautiful.
you can read about the artist who did this here.

i hope you are as inspired as i am.
enjoy the rest of your gloriously overcast tuesday.
i am. time with jonathan. picking up free finds.
 & then time with my sweet friend bri.
good beer & escargot at my favorite 
french restaurant's happy hour.
'tis life. not perfect. 
but finding the joys & 
beauty amidst the imperfection. 

and a big happy birthday to my sweet mother-in-law debbi.
you are so loved & celebrated. i am glad you were born. very.

{all photos used in this post are courtesy of
gardeninginheels. my favorite garden blog.}

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