09 September, 2010

lost & found

ms. evelyn 
has turned
out to be one of my favorites.
remember her poor, outdated attire?
if you don't, let me remind you...

here she is lost

she was stuck in the 80s.
look at those flowers. 
pastel flowers. enough said.

and here ms. evelyn is, very found

 she speaks class & style with a bit of
maturity & wisdom. 
oh, and with a little rough edginess.

before, i pictured her with big hair
and hot pink nails & lipstick.
regardless of the season.
now, i see her with long, wavy golden locks.
and tweed, high waisted pants,  
a natural nail color & red lipstick.
ready for fall.

if you would like to see more photos
of ms. evelyn {and i recommend it}, 
you can go to my etsy shop. here.

and, because i want to spotlight
my husband's amazingness,
i thought i would share photos
of his homemade pesto. 
he made this for lunch today.
with organic basil from our garden.
and, of course, sparkling lemonade.
i married mr. amazing.

{photos courtesy of mr. amazing himself}

enjoy your thursday 
sweet friends.



Bethany said...

Love the color you used for the chair. Is the seat covered in burlap? Burlap keeps catching my attention whenever I'm fabric shopping, but I haven't thought of a good place to use it yet! Keep up the good work! I wish I could keep myself as focused as you. You just keep knocking out projects! I seem to have more projects started then I can count, but just can't motivate myself to finish them! Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful creativity! :)

jessica nicole said...

bethany, yes it is burlap. there is an amazing fabric store downtown called michael levine & they sell really nice higher end burlap {or you can just pick it up at joann's}. i've used burlap to line drawers, to place on top of dresser, as table runners, pillows {obviously not one's you sleep with} & chair covers. you could even use burlap for a wall area...oh, & burlap would look REALLY good in your newly decorated living room :O) show me photos if you use it. i love that creative stuff...
and thank you so much for the encouragement. it is always such a blessing hearing from people. :O)