03 September, 2010


it is friday!
and, a three day weekend.
aren't you excited?
i'm looking forward to a weekend
of creativity & family.
i'm spending the weekend with my dad
helping him re-decorate his home
and then celebrating my beautiful
mother-in-law on monday.
throw in some painting & free finding
and it's my ideal weekend...

today's free find
actually comes from a friend.
the same friend who gave me
miss josephine

her name is 
ms. evelyn.
she is a romantic
with a bit of a rustic edge.

you will like her.
i already do.

dear friends, i hope you enjoy
your three day weekend.
eat some good food, drink some good drinks,
enjoy your family & friends,
and thank president cleveland for your weekend. 
his fear of further conflict 
with the labor movement motivated 
our national holiday. 
{oh, politics & low-wage workers}


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