02 September, 2010

lost & found

i have had the privilege to work on
an amazing find this last week.
a friend {and fellow artist, emily}
found this piece on the side of the road.
we decided to approach this project
the simplest and least expensive
way possible.
and, only $2.00 was spent total.
for an amazingly refreshing

so here is her table, quite lost

and here she is, found

i love the quirkiness of this piece
& the simplicity. it is genius.
good find, emily. 

sorry friends. it is not for sale.
but don't you worry. i have quite
a few projects up my sleeve.
get ready...

i hope you enjoy your evening dear friends.
and guess what?! 
tomorrow is friday!!!


Jessica Peckham said...

Jessica, this table is absolutly lovey. I love how unique it is.

jessica nicole said...

thanks, jess! i LOVE this piece. i only wish i could take the credit for finding it :O) and, i wish i could keep it. my friend emily found it on the side of the road. it is SUCH a good find.