01 September, 2010

the poor man's gard[en]

yes, it is a 
belated post.
forgive me, please.
these last few weeks
have picked up with 
new clients, finds, jobs, 
ideas & craziness.

jonathan has been gardening more
often than i have these last
few weeks.
so, i want to give
credit where credit is due. 
thank you to my amazing husband
for all of your hard work in
making our garden beautiful.

and, i decided to take a few photos
of our baby garden.
even when you have a very small
budget, you can make anything beautiful.
i'll show you...

don't you love the levels of growth 
& transformation?
the petals gradually grow in until
the zinnia is completely full 
{a full zinnia is pictured in the third photo}

 the transformation from the
first photo to the third is amazing. 

and, i love the symbolism of it. 
each seed was planted at the same time,
gets the same amount of water & sunlight.
some just take off quicker than others,
some fill in faster, but they are all beautiful
at each stage. 
and, each stage is necessary.
even when it is just a seed 
buried beneath the soil.
ugh. can you tell i've had a 
reflective few weeks?
i've been needing to be 
reminded of the necessity 
for each stage in the process. 
to not get ahead or try and be a fully
bloomed zinnia when i'm not.
and to be okay with it.
to actually be excited about each stage. 

okay. on a less deep note 
{but still fun, and equally satisfying}
our tomatoes are starting to grow in!
we might be able to cook with
our own tomatoes soon!!!
i cannot wait to bite into one of 
those juicy red tomatoes.
here are some photos of our
baby tomato plants.
we are such proud parents

 almost all of the herbs & veggies
in our garden started as seed.
and quite a handful of our flowers.

oh, and last week jonathan was given
handfuls of packets of seeds
from a woman. given.
we are going to have
a variety of herbs, veggies & fruits.
i cannot wait!

have a great wednesday evening 
sweet friends.

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