17 August, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

isn't it a lovely tuesday?
maybe i'm really optimistic
because i'm sitting on a balcony
overlooking the pacific ocean
down in newport coast.
but, you don't have to be
on the ocean to enjoy
your day. it just helps. 

today's poor man's gard[en]
features our completed kitchen.
yes, completed.
we finished tiling the floor,
touching up the walls with paint,
and putting the baseboard in.
and, our fridge is back inside.
all in all, we spent a total of $120.
a bit over our projected total. 
but it usually happens that way, right?
and, if you really think about where our
kitchen started and what it looks
like now, it is a great deal.

we are enjoying the new look of our kitchen.
and i broke it in by cooking some yummy
thai food the other night.

here are some before photos

& here is the completed kitchen

do you see those floors? 
you could call us professionals now.
but seriously, we cut our own tile
(i used a wet saw for the first time),
measured, glued, grouted, nailed, 
and painted everything. 
it is so satisfying building something
from scratch and seeing the finished product.
i am now inspired for more projects. 
just no grouting, please. 
(the grouting was the worst part
of the whole experience. worst)
and, to see a previous blog that captures
more aspects of our kitchen, you can
go here

now we are ready to finish the outside of our home.
oh, and we found more space on the side of the
house that would be a great space to plant
a vegetable garden. perfect! that is the next 
step to our garden. i cannot wait.

jonathan and i are also down in newport
coast until friday evening. 
it is going to be a nice time
of sunshine, solitude and beauty.
that being said, this week's features
will be a bit different
as i am not able to paint pieces this week.
but i promise you won't be disappointed
with some of the things i'll share
in lieu of my normal features.

i hope you are inspired today, dear friends.
i would love to hear some of your personal 
creations and projects. love!



cbe said...

Wow - gorgeous! Daryl and I have a little patio space in our new home, and I can't wait to get to work on it. You've inspired me!

jessica nicole said...

courtney!! i'm so excited for you and daryl :O) please take photos of your place when it's all finished. i would LOVE to see. and, hopefully, come visit & see it in person soon! xoxo