19 August, 2010


inspired by the lovely outdoors 
while in newport & the upcoming fall season
i thought i would share some of my
finds with you.

a stylish hot water thermos

an adorable yo-yo
via deepinthewoods

a cute necklace
via christinedomanic

a creative approach to nature & art
via runeguneriussen

a handmade ceramic jar inspired by birch trees

adorably sweet cufflinks

the coolest business card holder

another creatively beautiful combination 
of nature & art
via runeguneriussen

adorable earrings
via shysiren

fun & unique rings
via laccentnou

wall art

via groundwork

cute knobs that i want
via riricreations

and i know these aren't necessarily
inspired by something that grows
 in nature but they taste
like they should
black forest cookies

check out my friend alex's blog here
she is an amazing lover of anything sweet.
and shares some really good recipes and

i love nature...

jonathan and i are loving our
mini- vacation along the
pacific ocean. 
we are heading back home tomorrow
& ready to get back into our 
regular schedule. sort of. 

i hope you are enjoying your
thursday, friends.



Alex Waidley said...

I see how my cookies fit in now! Very creative, thanks Jess! Great week to be at the beach.

jessica nicole said...

they just looked so amazing i had to figure out how to include them :O) i'm excited to try the recipe!! and i'm not sure of my work week yet but let's plan a coffee date soon.