20 August, 2010


well, this featured item 
was definitely free for me.
but more importantly, it was
a beautiful birthday gift from my sweet
friend caitlyn. 
so today is more of a [gift]day than a [free]day.

caitlyn is one of those amazing
friends who loves so well. she knows
me well enough to know that i love
redeemed things & creative gifts.

the photo above is
my new flower press &
it was shipped to me exactly the 
way you see it. adorable! 
{minus the amazing tablecloth i found 
at the flea market a few weekends ago}
my friend caitlyn & her husband found
the wood in a trash can,
cut it, drilled holes, 
sanded it & stained it
specifically for me. i am loved.
and so known. and inside are cardboard
pieces that help press the flower.
{i am hoping to invite you guys 
to follow her as she makes another
one. i'd love it to be a diy. wouldn't you?}

i am so excited to press some of our flowers
from our garden. 

jonathan and i are just wrapping
up our stay down here in newport coast. 
bummed but also excited for this upcoming
week. not not not excited for the heat. 

i hope you all enjoy your weekend of
sunshine. make some iced tea, drink
some ice cold lemonade, & enjoy your
late afternoon & evenings outside.
much love my dear friends.

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