10 August, 2010

the poor man's gard[en]

good afternoon, tuesday!
i feel alive today. it's a good day.

this past weekend was amazing.
my husband and i re-did our kitchen floor
{with the help of my father-in-law,too}.
we put new italian tile in, grouted it and
then touched up the kitchen walls.
we went to pasadena to play some bocce 
at the park with wonderful friends,
drank some delicious tea at our favorite teahouse,
looked at some great art, went to the flea market,
found some amazing pieces {photos to come}, 
met up with our sweet flea market friends, 
ate amazing thai food with jonathan's parents,
and ate at blu jam cafe with good friends yesterday.
then we saw inception.
oh, and i got to drink an amazing
margarita with one of my favorites, tiffany.
 ugh. a wonderfully full weekend of 
friends, food, life & love.

now, don't let those amazing excursions fool you.
laying the tile and grout was hell.
actually, the grouting was the absolute worst thing
i have ever had to do. 
 i am not lying. dramatic, maybe.
but not a lie. 
a few mishaps here and there made it harder 
than it should have been.

and, i now know why people pay
a ridiculous amount of money for someone
else to lay their tile. 

but it was worth it in the end. 
here is an {almost} completed kitchen.
we still need to put in the baseboard & paint it
and then move our fridge & kitchen items back in.
but we are so close. 

and, because i wanted to share with
you some of the amazing things
we came across at the flea market on sunday,
here are some photos.
i'll take photos of our wonderful finds
later this week.

gorgeous tapestries a woman hand stamps

her hand stamps you can purchase.
umm, next time, please.


more love.

how fun.

seriously. what cool things to use 
for a creative project?!


this tub made me covet. it was $800. 
but that $800 could be well spent, no?
okay, maybe if it was an eighth of that price.

and this. oh how i would love to have
this in my backyard.

so as you can see, the flea market was so much fun.
if you have never made it to the pasadena flea market,
and you are ever in the area, it is such a great experience.
just make sure you wear shorts & sunscreen if you go
during the summer months.
they host one every first sunday 
of the month from 9-4.

i've got some amazing new projects in store 
for disregard{en}, and
a few projects for some clients {so great}.
it will be a full month. 
i cannot wait to share with you.

i hope you all have a great tuesday. 
be full of life & creativity today.


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