06 August, 2010


we started laying the tile in our kitchen!
it is almost complete.
my husband and father-in-law
cut the tile, place them 
& i just finished applying
mud to adhere them to the floor...

here is a photo.
since i am not able to take a photo
of a new free find 
[and boy have i found 
quite a few this last week] 
because my workspace
 is full of our kitchen gadgets
and refrigerator, i thought
i would share our tile 
process with you.
and, remember, this tile we found
for free! yes. free. 
so, this is a free find for the day
to lay all of the tile
in our kitchen and back foyer 
we spent a total of about $80.
to lay italian tile. nice tile.
i am proud of us.

it already looks so much better.

we are filling in the grout tomorrow
and then i have to touch up the walls
and baseboard. it should be completed by 
monday. i cannot wait to show you 
the final results.

i hope you have a great weekend friends!



Anonymous said...

Looks GREAT guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person--JenT

Jenn said...

It looks fantastic! What an awesome craigslist find! (not to mention the awesome workers who made it happen :) )