05 August, 2010

it's not a lost&found kinda day...

only because we are working on our kitchen
floor today. the prep part of it.
okay, well, mostly jonathan.
but i'm helping. 

so i know thursdays are normally
days that i show off my lost & found
pieces but i haven't had much time 
this week to do that. so, 
here are some photos to show you
what stage we are at with
the kitchen floor transformation:

ugly. yes. but it has to get ugly
before it can become beautiful. 
oh, and it smells. the glue used 
to lay the cheap laminate down
was at least 30 years old. at least.
and there were three, i repeat, three
layers of laminate that had to be 
ripped up. my husband is the best.
{to see where the kitchen started go here}

so because i need to be inspired
with beauty after looking at my kitchen
i thought i would share some of my
finds with you. 

photos via me&alice

a breath of fresh air. sigh.

on a more personal note, these last few
months have been so fun for me.
it has been so freeing to dream and create.
sometimes i am not quite sure what my taste
is because i love everything beautiful, and
want to paint & use everything i come across
i love the all white, romantic look, i love
the bright, funky look. i love the eclectic look 
and i love the clean, sophisticated look.
ah! see?! everything. 
but i am so glad you on this creative journey 
with me. i have felt so encouraged in these
last few months by all of the responses
and messages sent my way. 
thank you.

we are working on laying the tile tomorrow!
photos to come. and, hopefully i will
get a chance to post a new free find.

have a great evening friends.


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