04 August, 2010

poor man's gard[en]

hello friends!!

today is a belated 
poor man's gard[en]
 some unexpected events occurred
yesterday & i needed to help a sweet
friend all day. so.... no blog.
but i promise this week will be full
of some exciting things!

my weekend was so eventful & enjoyable.
i found two amazing finds on friday! 
both of them are going to be great end tables.
and, i went garage sale-ing saturday morning
with my cousin-in-law & found 
more great tables.
i cannot wait to show you 
photos of all of my finds!

my husband, jonathan, also found time to 
finally clean up our study/office.
somehow, even after living in our home
for 10 months we still hadn't finished
our back office. it has mainly functioned
as a storage room-meets-office
for the first 10 months living here...
but, it looks great now.
photos to come. i promise. 

and, jonathan also found time to clean up
the front a bit more.

two juniper bushes down. four to go.

get that crabgrass out of there. it's nasty.

bringing style & color to the front. 
it will do. until we can bring life
with paint!

we still have a ways to go but we
are gradually moving along.
and, this friday, my father-in-law
is coming to help us lay the amazing tile 
in our kitchen. to see my previous post 
about our kitchen, you can check here.  

i am going down to the oc today
to help my wonderful mother-in-law
create an inviting and beautiful
atmosphere in her new office.
hopefully i'll get to take some
before and after photos for you all.

have a great day dear friends.
it is already wednesday!!


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