12 August, 2010

lost & found

i would like to be sipping tea
outside in my garden right now.
reading a good book.
doesn't that sound lovely?
{obviously with a nice breeze}

well, since most of us cannot 
enjoy that romantic setting right now,
i thought i would at least
inspire you all. 

happy thursday. 
and happy lost & found

here is a worn in & lost 

and here she is, all garden-ed up & found

to see more photos of her or to purchase 
lovely nelle, visit my etsy shop here

enjoy your thursday. 
and just imagine yourself relaxing outdoors
sipping tea & reading a good book 
(or relaxing your eyelids. whichever you prefer)

love to you friends.


1 comment:

Jenn said...

Love it. She's so cute!